Franciosi Consulting Ltd.

Franciosi Consulting Ltd. is a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers independent management consulting expertise.

Luigi Franciosi

Over 20 Years of Experience

From national and international life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses, and research organizations, Franciosi Consulting specializes in strategy, due diligence, and commercial assessment.

With 20 years of operations management, clinical research, drug development, and project management experience. Franciosi Consulting offers performance driven executive consulting in industrial and academic settings.

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Importance of Following Prescription Directions for Pain Medication

Pain disrupts everything. It can be distracting, overwhelming, or altogether unbearable. Whether chronic or acute, chances are that the pain is manageable — if you follow your doctor’s directions.

Developing a Sense of Community Through Charity Work

Despite holding such high-level positions, Franciosi remains deeply rooted in his community through his involvement in charity work.


In many ways, it is easier now than ever before to become an entrepreneur. When you have an idea for a business, you can add it to an investment platform like AngelList or Kickstarter to market it to a larger demographic to generate funding, interest, and even to hire staff. 

As travel becomes easier and more affordable, it is important for patients to keep in mind that certain areas are more prone to certain diseases, as is the case with Lyme disease.

With the previous generation moving into their senior years, there has been a growing importance placed on long term senior care and assisted living. 

In our modern age of technology and growing older, we have become very stagnant with our lifestyle. 

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