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Luigi Franciosi is a performance-driven and goal-oriented executive. He’s been consulting for over 20 years on various topics. Read his latest media articles, interviews and blogs.

Luigi Franciosi is a leading pharmaceuticals expert, consultant, and adjunct professor of pharmacology at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He served for several years as the Chief Operating Officer at Verona Pharma, using his academic experience and business acuity to direct a major organization through the minefield of Canadian and international pharmaceuticals. 

Luigi Franciosi is an established pharmaceutical consultant and Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology at The University of British Columbia. He holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology and served as the Chief Operating Officer at Verona Pharma for seven years. Despite holding such high-level positions, Franciosi remains deeply rooted in his community through his involvement in charity work.

As travel becomes easier and more affordable, it is important for patients to keep in mind that certain areas are more prone to certain diseases, as is the case with Lyme disease. As the most common tick related illness, patients are advised to always keep an eye out for tick bites, or ticks still attached to the skin, as undetected and untreated infections can lead to serious complications.

In many ways, it is easier now than ever before to become an entrepreneur. When you have an idea for a business, you can add it to an investment platform like AngelList or Kickstarter to market it to a larger demographic to generate funding, interest, and even to hire staff. There are options when you don’t have the funds to purchase office space, like special co-working spaces or teleworking.

Stepping forward to care for a loved one while they undergo a health concern or illness is a noble thing to do. There are, however, many challenges and stresses that caregivers face and sometimes there can be a lack of awareness and support for what caregivers go through.

There are a few irrefutable certainties that will remain involved in educational practices: teachers will instruct students, books will be utilized as a primary tool and students will write essays, perform research, participate in projects and complete their dreaded final examinations.

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced tremendously and has integrated seamlessly with almost every field, including healthcare. From simply being able to book appointments online, to telemedicine, technology has changed the entire landscape of healthcare in the past few years and continues to do so rapidly on a day-to-day basis.

Elderly people are not all getting the care or quality of life they deserve in their senior years. The problem, it seems, is not the lack of resources but in the way these resources have been directed. Overall, the sector of long-term senior care (LTC) has a glaring shortage in the workforce. Many of the workers are not satisfied with the low pay and prestige nor with the lack of career opportunities.

Welcome! My name is Dr. Luigi Franciosi and I have my own pharmaceutical consulting service and when I’m not doing that I am an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia.

On this page you will find me speaking about all things related to my business and work, which are two of the main passions in my life along with my family which has always been my focus.

Dr. Luigi Franciosi, a pharmacologist at The University of British Columbia who has studied pain in animals and humans, suggests that patients should consider carefully all the ways that chronic pain is diagnosed and treated.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in an academic laboratory, Dr. Luigi Franciosi had the opportunity to conduct medical research with anesthesiologists who investigated different approaches for treating people with pain.

Whether you’re looking for a facility for yourself or an elderly family member, a good long-term care home can dramatically improve the quality of life of a senior. However, not all such facilities are created equal. Some research is needed before you can find the right one for your specific needs.

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